Orlando Regional Competition

Posted by Webmaster on Thursday, March 15, 2012

We knew the Orlando regional would be one of the toughest in the country, but we though it would be a good learning experience, and help help us prepare for the Palmetto Regional here in Charleston. We had some programming issues the first day of the competition, followed by a joystick failure (our robot could still drive, but only in circles!).  But our team worked together and solved these problems and soon we started showing what our robot was capable of, with our alliance earning a high score of 44 points. In our final match we nearly beat the tournament's leading team, losing only when they balanced in the final seconds. Our outstanding performance in the final matches proved to be too little too late, so Cat 5 did not make it to the Elimination Matches. We were ranked 34th out of 63 teams.

We had very attractive and well organized pit area set up, projecting a very positive image for our team, schools and sponsors. We shared tools, spare parts and knowledge, helping less experienced teams. Category 5 received quite a few compliments from other teams and FIRST volunteers.


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