Orlando Update - Friday, March 9

Posted by Kevin Thorp on Saturday, March 10, 2012
We weren't quite ready when the matches started Friday. Could not get the computer to talk to the compressor, so our shooting and bridge climbing ability were crippled. We finally got it resolved mid-day but by that time we were pretty far down in the rankings - 30 out of 63. I guess we  might consider that a "glass half full", since we're better than average. 

But we have a strong robot now and expect to do much better in our next 3 matches:

#74  9:00 am
#92  1048 am
#105 12:06pm

Match times are approximate, match numbers are more important. 

After the last match (#105), the top 8 teams will pick 2 partners each to go into the quarterfinals. If we do well in the morning we might get picked. If not, we'll just discuss what we can do better an the Palmetto Regional in 2 weeks.


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