Palmetto Regional Competition

Posted by Kevin Thorp on Tuesday, April 17, 2012
Team 3489
What an exciting competition!  We had a storm going on inside the Coliseum (Team 3489 - Category 5) and one on the outside (a tornado warning). Cat 5 made a grand showing at Palmetto, continually improving our robot, driving/shooting skills and match scores throughout the competition. By the end of the Qualification Matches we had the highest cumulative points scored (357) of all 43 teams at Palmetto. We also participated in the first and only "6 Robots Balancing" match, and had the highest match score (119 points between both alliances) during the quarterfinals. Not bad for a team that placed last in 2011. Unfortunately our alliance was knocked out in Quarterfinal 4-2, but it was an awesome display at Palmetto.

Team 4261 "The Raptors"

As most of you know, during the build season we helped the rookie Academic Magnet team, who were on the verge of collapsing. They didn't even have a driving chassis. Then a Bosch programmer, Dusan Brhlik, joined them and we helped get their chassis running and design and fabricate a bridge-lowering mechanism and pneumatic "jack stands" to stabilize their robot. Team 4261 was the real Cinderella story of the competition, placing 5th in the Qualification Matches and winning the "Highest Rookie Seed" award.

Team 342
The Burning Magnetos also had a great weekend; earning the top seed position in Qualifications. They were also eliminated in the quarterfinals but won two awards: Gracious Professionalism and Engineering Inspiration. The Engineering Inspiration Award earns them a spot in the FIRST Championship in St. Louis, Missouri next month. Good Luck Team 342!

Hank Bennett
Speaking of two awards, Mr. Bennett (Bosch Engineering Director) won the Palmetto Volunteer of the Year Award and the Woodie Flowers Award. These were for all the work he's done to help Team 342 students and expand FIRST Robotics throughout the Lowcountry. Congratulations Mr. Bennett!


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