SCRIW Update

Posted by Doug Dorn on Thursday, October 18, 2012
The main purpose of the “SC Regional Invitational & Workshops” was to help get students (especially rookie students) excited about the upcoming FRC competition. We had a fun time and learned a lot at the competition in Columbia on the 13th. Team 3489 competed valiantly, finishing up the qualification rounds with a #5 ranking.  Very good, considering we had a couple of newbies on the drive team.  In the elimination rounds we teamed up with Team 342 (Ft. Dorchester) and Team 3976 (Electric Hornets) to form the #1 Alliance.  After two convincing wins in the Quarterfinals, we were eliminated in two close matches in the Semifinals.  Great Job, Team!

In other SCRIW news, the Pre-Rookie Team 4533 (Wando Advanced Robotics) performed very well with the robot we helped them build, going all the way to the Finals.  Not bad for pre-rookies, eh? The Category 5 members that came in on Saturdays to help Wando should be proud of the work you did in welcoming them into the FIRST community.  This is what Gracious Professionalism is all about! Mentors Kevin Thorp and Fred Krenson hosted workshops on Pneumatics and Programming, which also helped project a positive image for our team.

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