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Work In Progress

Posted by webmaster on Friday, February 17, 2012,
We have 2 robots under construction. Our plan is to "Bag n Tag" our best one, as per the FIRST rules, but keep working on the prototype robot. That 'bot cannot be used in competition. One of our biggest problems last year was the driver didn't have much pre-competition practice. This year we'll use the prototype 'bot for extra practice time.  (click image to enlarge).

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Deadline Approaching Fast!

Posted by Webmaster on Thursday, February 16, 2012,
We must "Bag & Tag" our robot no later than midnight, February 21. It remains sealed until the Orlando Regional Competition. We can work on up to 30 pounds of "accessories" and complete a 2nd robot for testing & practice. This second robot cannot be used in the competition.

So Saturday, Sunday and Monday will be long days in the workshop!

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