Team 3489 Update - March 23 (am)

Posted by Kevin Thorp on Friday, March 23, 2012
Team 3489 Match times (complete list at
Match 4     9:48 AM
Match 13  10:42 AM
Match 19  11:18 AM
Match 27  12:06 PM
Match 31  1:51 PM
Match 36  2:26 PM
Match 50  4:00 PM
Match 54  4:24 PM  
Match 64  10:24 AM
Match 70  11:00 AM
Match 73  11:18 AM  
Times are approximate and could vary by 15 minutes or more. Check early and note the match number. Matches run about 6 minutes apart.

Elimination Matches start after lunch Saturday. The top 8 teams (including us, hopefully) select 2 partners each, then begin competing in "best out of 3 matches.

Lunch seating
If you will be parking your car at the coliseum you might want to bring a couple folding chairs for lunch.  As noted in the previous update, the lunch trailer & canopy will be in lot A5.

All students should have been given 3 t-shirts, one from October and two more a couple weeks ago. If a parent would like to buy one we have a few extras at $8 each.  Call or text me at 640-1146


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